Complaints Procedure


EtonHouse Prep gives high priority to the quality of the teaching and pastoral care provided for pupils. However, if parents do have a formal complaint, it will be treated by EtonHouse Prep in accordance with this Procedure. This policy is available to parents of current and prospective pupils on the EtonHouse Prep website and on request in the EtonHouse Prep Office.

Informal Resolution

It is hoped that most concerns will be resolved quickly and informally. If parents have a concern they should initially contact their child’s Class Teacher, if appropriate. In many cases, the matter will be resolved straightaway by this means to the parents’ satisfaction. If the Class Teacher cannot resolve the matter alone, he/she can consult the Head.

Concerns expressed directly to the Head will be referred to the relevant Class Teacher unless they deem it appropriate to deal with the matter personally. The Class Teacher will make a note of all concerns and the date on which they were received.

Should the matter not be resolved within 14 days or in the event that the Class Teacher and the parent fail to reach a satisfactory resolution then parents will be advised to pursue their complaint with the Headmaster.

Headmaster’s Resolution

If the complaint cannot be resolved on an informal basis, then the parents should put their complaint in writing to the Headmaster. The Headmaster will consider the matter and decide the appropriate course of action.

In most cases, the Headmaster will speak to or meet the parents concerned to discuss the matter, normally within 14 days of receiving the complaint in writing. If possible, a resolution will be reached at this stage. It may be necessary for the Headmaster to carry out further investigations.

The Headmaster will keep written records of all meetings and interviews held in relation to the complaint. Once the Headmaster is satisfied that, so far as is practicable, all the relevant facts have been established, a decision will be made and parents will be informed of this decision in writing. The Headmaster will give reasons for his decision.

If parents are still not satisfied with the decision, they should request a formal resolution through the proprietors.

Parents can be assured that all concerns and complaints will be treated seriously and confidentially, except where disclosure is required in the course of the investigation. A written record of complaints, including correspondence statements and records is kept for at least three years.

TAJL 8/8/13