Welcome and Introduction

EtonHouse Prep is excited to be welcoming new Headteacher Jennifer Mills from July, 2017.


With more than 30 years of teaching experience, Jennifer has demonstrated her capacity for leading education across the world – including in the UK, her native Australia, Ireland, China, the Middle East, Greece and New Guinea. She is also a British Curriculum specialist and Master of Education.


Jennifer will be the perfect fit to maintain our commitment to ‘Real Learning for a Real Future’ at EtonHouse Prep.

What is a Preparatory Education System?

Education is about much more than studying and passing exams. At EHPS we believe that our children should experience a unique character-moulding journey, a ‘preparation’ for the next stage of their lives.

As well as entry to excellent senior schools in Korea, Asia and the UK, we will help our pupils develop the tools needed to meet the challenges of the working world and with the confidence to address the inevitable challenges they will face.


Through exposure to a wide variety of inter-connected subjects, languages, sports, activities and challenges, children at EHPS will have the opportunity to discover their talents, to develop lifelong relationships and to strive to become responsible and reflective global citizens.

Student Care & Support

It is our aim at EtonHouse Prep that our children should not just come to Prep happy, self-assured, enthusiastic and ready for the challenges that the day holds, but also that they feel comfortable, safe, listened to and “at home.” We believe that if we can achieve this, we can help the whole child develop to their potential and at their own pace.

In our learning centre every adult has a responsibility towards the children’s care and support thus ensuring total well-being. Our Class teachers are primarily responsible for both the education and the care and support of every individual child in their care. Nevertheless there are other adults at Prep who have direct responsibility towards the well being of our students. These include:

Communications & Admissions Manager

Angela Sung’s role includes ensuring the welfare of students is attended to right from the start of their learning experience at EtonHouse Prep. Angela ensures all medical, welfare and learning needs are communicated at the start to all those who need to know.

ACe (Achievement Centre) Leader

Alexis Soucie leads our achievement centre and ensures that every student requiring support for additional learning needs receives this support in full collaboration with parents.

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Teacher

Adam McCue provides specialist English support for those students who require focused English lessons within or outside of their classrooms. this support ensures students can cope with the language demands of our curriculum.

In addition, all staff have a duty of care to provide a warm and supportive environment to all pupils that encourages cooperation, community and cohesion.

House System

Our House System also ensures students experience events in which they support each other to achieve a common aim. By engendering a team spirit through house events we aim to develop the skills of collaboration, team-work and healthy competition whilst also fostering an attitude of inclusion and support.

Child Watch

Despite all staff having a role to play in the care and support of our students, we are aware that sometimes individuals need special care at certain times. We achieve this through our Child Watch system. This enables us to focus on the specific needs of individuals who may be experiencing friendship, learning, home, social or medical needs over and above those usually experienced by a child during their education.

The child’s needs are discussed at our weekly staff meeting and their name and photograph are inserted into our Child Watch book. This means that all staff are aware of the need and how this might be addressed. This system ensures identified students receive care and attention beyond the classroom at times when they might be vulnerable. Children are removed from Child Watch when the need is resolved.

Our Facilities

EtonHouse Prep classrooms are bright, well-equipped with interactive white boards and tablet and laptop technology available for children to use to support and enhance their learning.  Rooms are spacious and light thus providing the best learning environment for children.

In addition our facilities include:

Roof-top gymnasium/ballet studio
Dedicated EYFS area for children age 3-5years, with outdoor learning environment
Well-stocked library library designed to promote independent and group reading
Music Academy/Drama Hall
Achievement Centre (ACe) and EAL room
Multi-Purpose Room
Mandarin Language room
Seven music practice rooms/one-on-one tuition rooms
Cookery area
Large and bright art studio/science laboratory
Spacious roof garden for outdoor play
Study Garden

Class Sizes

In line with EtonHouse Prep’s commitment to academic excellence and quality for its pupils, class sizes will always be limited to 16 students to ensure students get the most attention possible.

EtonHouse Korea

EtonHouse Korea, part of the EtonHouse International Education Group headquartered in Singapore, was established in 2010 and has two International Pre-School learning centres (2-7 years old) in Bundang and Dongtan, both well-planned and wealthy suburbs of Seoul. The first Pre-School learning centre opened in Bundang in 2010 followed by the opening of a second a year later at Dongtan in 2011.

In 2013, EtonHouse Prep was opened and quickly established itself as a strong contender for first choice Prep education in Seoul. The growth of the Prep learning centre has been rapid in 2015 and Prep now serves over 100 students from 20 different nationalities aged 3-11 years.

2015 has also seen the addition of The Lodge to the EtonHouse Korea group. The Lodge is a unique, purpose designed learning environment for young children aged 18 months to 3 years. The first of its kind in Korea, the Lodge provides an international inquiry-based curriculum developed through play. The design concept incorporates natural features and colours which provide a calm, comforting space for our youngest learners.

Korea is a country in transition and like everywhere else in the world is becoming increasingly globalised with the demand for an international outlook and high quality education growing fast. The EtonHouse Pre-School inquiry-based curriculum based on international best practice offers a learning environment that creates international mindedness amongst its young learners and builds on EtonHouse’s expertise in combining the best of the East and the West.

EtonHouse International Education Group

EtonHouse International Education Group is headquartered in Singapore with more than 100 international schools and pre-schools spread across the Asia-Pacific region. The group has education centres in the following countries; Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Middle East and Kazakhstan, and continues to explore further international expansion.

Together these centres provide high quality international education to over 10,000 children globally from more than 60 different nationalities.

EtonHouse international pre-schools and schools offer programmes where children are encouraged to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners through an inquiry-based approach. The schools provide stimulating learning experiences that respond to individual children, ensuring teaching and learning are a joyful and meaningful experience, where each child can reach their full potential – cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. Parents are welcome in our schools and we highly value and encourage partnership between home and school.

EtonHouse has an established track record across the region working in partnership with the private sector and also in collaboration with government to enhance the standards of practice in the local and international community.

Research & Professional Development

EtonHouse runs its own in-house research and professional development centre – EtonHouse Education Centre (EEC) that provides continuous training and pedagogical support to EtonHouse educators. In 2013, EtonHouse in collaboration with Reggio Children started REACH (Reggio Emilia in Asia for Children) – the International Network in Asia to enhance communication, dialogue and professional development opportunities between Reggio Children and early childhood professionals in Asia.

EtonHouse International


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Looking forward to meeting you.